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Alyson Paola Garcia

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Alyson Paola Garcia Empty Alyson Paola Garcia

Post by Gracie_Politte on Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:50 am

General Information:

Name: Alyson Paola Garcia

Nickname/Alias: Aly

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Alyson Paola Garcia Alyson

Height 5'1

Weight 98 lbs

Personality: Shy and pacifistic, she prefers the social life to the fighting life. After taking a vow never to take a life, she found herself placed in L's school. From then, she's tried to take as few fighting classes as possible.

Personality Trait's: Think of the sims: genius, natural cook, virtuoso, evil, good, lucky, etc. You may choose up to five.
1. Commitment Issues
2. Hopeless Romantic
3. Perceptive
4. Shy
5. Easily Impressed

Catch Phrase: None

Family Background: Her family was always a "normal" family in their eyes. No special or unique traits that they let on. If someone had a unique ability, the family strived to stay away from them. Very few members of the family have been removed, as most view any abnormality as "freakish" or "not right". Those in the family who disagree or use any abnormal behaviour are disowned or removed from the family tree. Most notably, Aly's Uncle became the most feared in their family as he mastered manipulating his bone structure to bend to his will, allowing him to grow his bones, regrow them, or even use them as weapons in a fight... a trait he passed to Aly.
History Your History
Birthed by two "god-fearing" parents, Aly grew up thinking she was a horrible person, a unique person with "not normal" power. By the age of 3, she was hit by a car, and suffered a few scratches, not a single broken bone in her body. At the age of 7, she could feel every ounce of bone in her body, and could focus on every single one. It wasn't until 10, however, that she realized her strong powers when she was attacked, and proceeded to turn their jawbone into powder with a single punch from a VERY calcified fist. At the age of 13, she attempted suicide, jumping off an overpass into oncoming traffic. But as she panicked at the sight of the ground rushing up at her and the cars flying underneath her, she accidentally strengthened her bones, making a crater in the pavement, and stopping any car to hit her as they all swerved. At the age of 16, she finally decided to get out of her house as soon as possible, providing her parents with the information for a "normal" boarding school.
School Information:
Class: What is your current class: Freshman
Affiliation: What are your character's intentions: Neutral
Talents Music
Inventory A broken piece of metal to remind her of how much of a freak she is. It's the piece of the car that first hit her after she jumped from the overpass.

Special Information:

Special: Items, Abilities, Abnormalities, Characteristics
Special Item Ex: Nothing
Special Ability Ex: Chakra
Special Abnormality Ex: Shikotsumyaku (Bone manipulation jutsu's)
Special Characteristic Ex: Almost impenetrable defence (She calcifies her bones to harder than steel when she panicks)
Hobbies: Sings and plays Cello
Problems: Is afraid to commit to a relationship for fear of being labeled a freak, has fear of being singled out and not fitting in, and is afraid of what she is capable of.

Color: Pink
Music: All styles
Song My Heart, Your Hands - Dommin
Food: Burger and Salad
Sport: To play: Football (Soccer) To watch: Football (American)
Drink: Water or Orange Soda

1st Period: Shinobi 101
2nd Period: Discovering your inner being
3rd Priod: Defence Against the Dark Arts
4th Period: Dueling 101
5th Period: Animal Care 101
6th Period: Swordplay 101
7th Period: Medical Training

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Alyson Paola Garcia Empty Re: Alyson Paola Garcia

Post by L on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:37 am


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