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Yuta Hideki Sayu

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Yuta Hideki Sayu Empty Yuta Hideki Sayu

Post by Yuta on Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:04 am

Name: Yuta Hideki Sayu

Nickname/Alias: Yuta (She doesn't mind if someone calls her a nickname, though doesn't have any.)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Yuta Hideki Sayu Shufflem12_33
Yuta Hideki Sayu 65755e8e4431c0_full

Yuta Hideki Sayu Shuffle-04-11

Height: 5'5

Weight: 124lbs

Personality:Yuta’s personality is sarcastic, cheerful, empathetic, laid back, outgoing and happy-go-lucky. She doesn’t let things upset her easily, and would rather make a joke out of things when she isn’t being serious. Though when she is serious, her serious side is rather depressing compared to her personality. She speaks surely and picks her words carefully, trying not to get mad easily... when she does lose her temper, she is cold and heartless to whoever angered her. When she is threatened physically, Yuta has a knowledge of different martial arts and is very fit, despite not being athletic.
When Yuta walks she has an aura of the type of person who is old enough to know what is right and what is wrong, and young enough to not care. Yuta has a great love for music and art, being seen either playing the piano or humming to herself with her green coloured iPod. She plays electric guitar, piano, violin, and flute... all of which she has devoted a majority of her time in mastering. Yuta loves to sing, when she was a child undergoing a large amount of training to train her voice out of choice when she wasn't undergoing her intense spans of pain. In that time she had also expressed her natural ability to write, which now she is seen doodling on paper or writing a short story. Yuta doesn’t enjoy being in front of crowds, but when she does she speaks and walks with a passion only the charismatic could master. Another earthly hobby of hers is electronic art; editing software and creating music with programs like VOCALOID. Yuta enjoys manga and anime just as much, her dorm rooms’ shelves devoted to the subject.

Personality Trait's:
1. Musical
2. Genius
3. Friendly
5. Cheerful

Catch Phrase: "Eh..."

Family Background: Her family background is successful though each generation in a different way... whether they are artistic or a genius. Yuta's family owns a recording company in Japan, though Yuta didn't wish to run it and left her sister to run the company.
History: Yuta's early life was simple and happy for her, she feeling nearly never alone with her twin, Nohime. They both were born geniuses, though her sister being more serious than herself Yuta was always trying to impress her. She would continuously play tricks on others and get into countless amounts of mischief, her sister always seeming to get her out of trouble.
When she hit seven years old Yuta began to undergo intense pain. Her body, because of the magic inside cannot be properly contained with her human body, would deteriorate at random and without no warning... leaving her writhing in pain. She finally got pulled out of class after fainting in the middle of a musical, undergoing special treatment from a local doctor to find out what was wrong with her. Yuta blamed her mother for this, saying that she hated her mother for the body she gave her, and wished she never was born. During this time Yuta had spent her time when the pain was gone or bearable into learning to sing and instruments, as well as writing. At eight her body eventually stopped and regained its regular patterns, the pain ending and becoming a horrible memory. She felt horrible because of treating her mother with so much disrespect, and vowed to herself to always be cheerful and happy, because her mother was so happy and cheerful to help Yuta during her suffering. She continued to grow her artistic abilities as she grew up, finding that she didn't want to run the familys' recording company when she was older. Now she left inheriting the company to her twin, Nohime, and is trying to find another work criteria that fits her. Now her body still continues to deteriorate at randomly, though in brief spams that result in Yuta fainting.

School Information:
Class: Freshman
Affiliation: Neutral
GPA List: (Currently Freshman; will be edited later.)
Talents: Singing, piano, violin, writing, drawing anime.
Inventory: iPod, wallet

Special Information:

Special: Half demon
Special Item: N/A
Special Ability: Elemental manipulation
Special Abnormality: Increased senses and speed
Special Characteristic: Highly empathetic to others' feelings
Hobbies: Read, write, listen to music, edit photos/videos/create photos/videos, sing, practice instruments.
Problems: Faint when body can't handle the magic inside her, would space out at times, will never say when she is in pain or is hurt... but when she does have a broken heart, she won't say.

Color: Purple
Music: Most of everything, minus rap.
Song: "Magnet - Vocaloid"
Food: Sushi
Sport: Soccer
Drink: Mt. Dew

1st Period: English (Can I apply for advanced class...?)
2nd Period: Choir
3rd Period: Art
4th Period: IPC
5th Period: Algebra
6th Period: World Geography
7th Period: Soccer

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Yuta Hideki Sayu Empty Re: Yuta Hideki Sayu

Post by Matt on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:00 am

approved and ask L for that

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Yuta Hideki Sayu Empty Re: Yuta Hideki Sayu

Post by L on Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:11 pm

All classes are advanced. hence why the academy is private. Approved.

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Yuta Hideki Sayu Empty Re: Yuta Hideki Sayu

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