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Uchiha Selene

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Uchiha Selene Empty Uchiha Selene

Post by frozendreamz on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:14 pm

General Information:

Name: Uchiha Selene

Nickname/Alias: Selene

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Looks: Uchiha Selene Kaguya

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 98 lbs

Happy: Smiles alot, and can be playful going on flirty.
Sad: Sticks to herself and stays very quiet, rarely speaking and doing much.
Content: Can border either Happy or Sad, she's playful to some extent, but quiet, laughs at jokes but doesn't laugh much.
Tired: Sticks to herself, doesn't do much actively, and conserves as much energy as possible
Angry: Uses her Sharingan and may be the first to attack the person or people who angered her. Irrational and illogical at fighting she'll take on any number of people stronger than her, with no hope of winning, just because they angered her.
Sad/angry: When the two emotions combine, she will attack, but half heartedly, and if she falls down, or gets hit, she'll merely cry on the floor, or slump against a wall.
Flirty: When she likes a guy she becomes a klutz and gets really quiet, often getting red in the face as well.

Personality Trait's:
1. Artistic
2. Bookworm
3. Clumsy
4. Hopeless Romantic
5. Virtuoso

Catch Phrase: -kun, -san, -sama, -chan at the end of a name

Family Background: Her family has always been considered geniuses, but mostly through the use of their Sharingan, since they're able to see things just before they happen. They push their family members hard to make them the best, and anything less than the top isn't good enough for them. Selene's father was always top in the class and became a criminal investigator, and her mother was always top in the classes she was good at, being science and chemically talented. They never had the patience for the arts because it was a useless talent in their opinion. Selene's sister became a technician and had been top of her class, and Selene is now living in the shadows of her family.

History: Selene was born to two strict parents, who wanted her to become something worthwhile like criminology or the sciences. Early in her life, she found her only joy was in music, but was shot down when her parents told her music wasn't a career, it was a hobby. She studies for music, but is afraid that when her grades come in, her parents won't like her grades in the "worthwhile" classes. She always had issues between the school and her parents because she was never allowed in extra performances short of performances for her class, since it was not a worthwhile endeavor to her parents, they thought the time spent in that performance would be better suited studying a REAL class.

School Information:
Class: Freshman
Affiliation: Neutral (Unsure of herself)
Talents: Talented in Chorus and Cello
Inventory: Soldier Pills, Kunai, a book to read, Shuriken, and class items

Special Information:

Special: Items, Abilities, Abnormalities, Characteristics
Special Item Ex: None
Special Ability Ex: Chakra system
Special Abnormality: Sharingan (3 tomoe)
Special Characteristic Ex:
* Fire release: Flame Flower - Shoots 3 fireballs that fall like meteors
* Fire release: Great Fireball - After performing the necessary hand seals, a ninja inhales air via their mouth and, gather up chakra in their chest, then spews a large fireball from their mouth after blowing through a ring made by the thumb and index finger of the user, incinerating everything in range.
* Fire release: Dragon Fire - The user breathes fire along a cord or any other type of long object.

Hobbies: Practicing music and reading

Problems: She has problems being around guys she likes, as she gets short of breath, nervous, and klutzy when around them.

Color: black and white
Music: Rock/metal
Song: Song or Suicide
Food: Ramen
Sport: Football (soccer)
Drink: Energy drink

1st Period:
2nd Period:
3rd Priod:
4th Period:
5th Period:
6th Period:
7th Period:
(idk what periods to make, but these are the 7 she's taking)

Algebra 1
English 1
Football (Mistakened and thought they meant soccer, she'll be stuck with this class)


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Uchiha Selene Empty Re: Uchiha Selene

Post by L on Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:26 pm

Approvedness. Perfect app ^^

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