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Description of Classes and how they work

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Description of Classes and how they work Empty Description of Classes and how they work

Post by L on Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:49 pm

Shinobi Classes/Naruto classes-
In these classes you learn about the jutsu the course covers. Earning a credit for the class earns you a jutsu from that category. The Jutsu is picked by your teacher, and must be below C rank for '01 classes, below B for '02 classes, below A for '03 classes, and for the two Taijutsu classes you unlock the corresponding gates.

Dueling Classes-
Dueling is completely allowed on school campus and killing in a duel will not result in you being charged with murder. However, in order to duel legally you Must take the first two dueling classes. This is to insure that the underclassmen know what they are getting into.

Inner Being Class-
The sole purpose of this class is for the non-Naruto classed, Non-DBZ classed, and Non-Magical based classed students know how to use there types of energies. The reason this class is mandatory for everyone is so that, for example a Naruto based character knows how a DBZ's characters energy systems differ and are similar.

Defense Against the Dark Arts-
These classes are self explanatory. These are taught just in case a student becomes evil, or an evil being attacks, students will know how to defend themselves.

Yoga/Tai chi-
These classes are to keep the students mind clear, and to help show that keeping your cool will be the difference between surviving and dieing in a battle.

Medical Training-
The first Course is mandatory so that you may heal your comrades in the heat of battle. The second course is optional and teaches you how to heal yourself using the supplies around you.

Animal Care-
This class will give you a friendly companion to keep you company and how to care for it. The advanced course of this class will help train your pet to help defend you and fight by your side.

Pokemon Training-
This course has several restrictions and rules. First off super humans aka demon people or people who have some sort of spiritual best, may not take these classes. Secondly only normal humans, meaning no special fighting powers what so ever, may take classes above the second one. This is to ensure that for example a Bleach type character doesn't have his powers plus a team of three pokemon, while a normal human only has his three pokemon. The first class is all about getting your starter pokemon which you may pick out of any of the 15 starter pokemon. The moves these pokemon start with are the same that they start with in the games. Upon completing the class and receiving credit, your starting pokemon evolves, the moves the second evolution knows are can be chosen from what moves it can learn up to the the current evolution level . The second class is just you learning about the first 150 pokemon...think of it as a filler class you have to go to to obtain your starters next evolution. Also Your starter Pokemon evolves into its final stage, and can use moves all the way up to the current evolution The third class is another filler class of you learning about all the rest of the pokemon. At the end of this class your starter pokemon may use all move that could be learned by that pokemon. Course four is what all the torture of filler classes was for. You will be randomly given two more pokemon by your instructor. These pokemon will not be legendary, or even rare. They will know all moves learned by that pokemon, and will be fully evolved. The next step after completing the final course is a test known as the Master's test. In this test you will battle the instructor who will be using a legendary pokemon. Depending on how you fare against the teacher the Headmaster will choose to either assign you a rare or legendary pokemon or not. If you are given a rare or legendary pokemon, your previous three will be provoked.
Things to note:
There are no wild pokemon.
Pokemon may fight actual people.

Learn to mix basic potions and learn what ingredients are good and are worthless. In advanced potions you will learn how to mix great truth serums and the such.

Hot Rap-
Ummm...yeah if rapping is your thing this is for you...

Head Banging-
Now this is more like it...make your band and jam out, but in any case the main goal for both music classes is to make the grand stage....

Stage performance-
More of a contest than a class. Perform in front of who ever is watch. If you get high ratings you get the credit.

Want to be a master swordsman? Learn what sword best fits you. A rapier, a katana, a gunblade. A sword shall be given to you at the beginning of the class by your instructor. Eventually you will learn a powerful overdrive which can save your hide in key situations....


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