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Schedule/Credits Guide

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Schedule/Credits Guide Empty Schedule/Credits Guide

Post by L on Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:31 pm

Alright here comes the super confusing part.
During you years at the academy, you must fufill a certain amount of credits which means you have to take and pass a certain amount of classes. Here's how it lays out:

In order to graduate you must have this many credits: 20

First we will takle your core classes which you MUST have to graduate:

You must take these classes as a freshmen:
Shinobi 101: Intro to Taijutsu
Dueling 101: Types of Dueling
Discovering Your Inner Being: Chakra, Chi, Ki, and Magic
Defense Against The Dark Art 101: Recognizing Mind Tricks

As a Sophomore:
Shinobi 201: Intro to Genjutsu
Dueling 201: Disadvantages in Ranges
Yoga and Tai-chi: Manipulating Stress to Your Advantage
Defense Against The Dark Arts 201: Breaking Curses and Reverse Psychology

As a Junior:
Shinobi 301: Intro to Ninjutsu
Dueling 301: Countering Attacks
Medical Training: Healing Others
Defense Against the Dark Arts 301: Occlumency

As a Senior:
As a Senior you have completed your core classes and now must take electives to gain your credits.

Total:12 credits

Now we will tackle your Electives. You must take 6 electives during the course of your school career. Your choices are:

Shinobi 102: Advanced Taijutsu (Prerequisite: Shinobi 101)

Shinobi 103: The First Gate (Prerequisite: Shinobi 102)

Shinobi 104: The Second and Third Gates (Prerequisite: Shinobi 103)

Shinobi 202: Advanced Genjutsu (Prerequisite: Shinobi 201)

Shinobi 302: Elemental Ninjutsu

Shinobi 303: Shape Manipulation (Prerequisite: Shinobi 301, must be taken simultaneously with Shinobi 302)

Pokemon Training 101: Caring for your started Pokemon

Pokemon Training 102: The Original 150 (Prerequisite: Pokemon Training 101)

Pokemon Training 103: All Pokemon (Prerequisite: Pokemon Training 102)

Pokemon Training 104: Assembling Your Team of Three (Prerequisite: Pokemon Training 103)

Pokemon Master's Test: Obtaining a Legendary (Prerequisite: Pokemon Training 104)

Animal Care 101: A Gentle Companion

Animal Care 102: A Loyal Fighter (Prerequisite: Animal Care 101)

Beginners Potions: Knowing the Right Ingredients

Advanced Potions: Healing Potions, Love Potions, etc (Prerequisite: Beginners Potions)

Hot Rap 101: Thugonomics

Hot Rap 102: Catch the Flow (Prerequisite: Hot Rap 101)

Head Banging 101: Assembling Your Band

Head Banging 102: Jam Sessions (Prerequisite: Head Banging 101)

Stage Performance (Prerequisite: Hot Rap 102, or Head Banging 102)

Swordplay 101: The Right Sword for You

Swordplay 102: Combos (Prerequisite: Swordplay 101)

Swordplay 103: Learning Your Overdrive (Prerequisite: Swordplay 102)

Medical Training: Self Healing

There are some mandatory rules when it comes to your schedule and advancing grades:
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors must have at least 5 clases, but 7 at the most.
In order to advance to the next grade, you must complete all classes on your schedule for your current grade. It only takes five to advance, but if you chose to take 7 classes you cannot just finish 5 of them and expect to advance. You must complete your entire schedule. Upon completion of your classes, notify the Headmaster so he may check in with your teachers and advance your grade.
Seniors, only have to take the number of classes it takes for them to complete their credits. Upon completion of their final Credit they visit The Headmaster and receive their diploma. Note that when Seniors complete all 20 of their credits, all other classes that are being taken no longer count and are voided. Once you have 20 you must report to the Headmaster.


In order to recieve credits for your class, you must attend that class 10 times, but no more than twice a week.

If you become inactive and do not show up for class three weeks in a row, your current progression for that year will be provoked, meaning that you will have to start that year all over.

There is not a timeline, so you won't be progressing with everyone else. You progress at your own pace.

Grading has been effectively removed. No worrying about failing, just have fun.

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