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First day in the school

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First day in the school Empty First day in the school

Post by Gracie_Politte on Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:21 pm

Because her room had been empty beforehand, it had become inhabited by druggies and upper classmen, all of whom used it as a way to hide or escape the rest of the school. Upon her entrance into her room, she saw a corner of the room had druggies and some trippy looking drugs, the other corners were inhabited by seniors and their fawning fanclub. Shaking her head, she dropped her bag, which was partly open, and took the long case off her back. "I'll give you to the count of three to pick your shit up, including those drugs, and get out. After that, what this hits, I take no responsibility for." She unzipped the case and took out her Bo Staff. They looked at her for a minute, and then started laughing. "1..." She did a quick count of how many were there. 4 druggies, which amounted to 1 horrible fighter, 7 seniors, and 10 lowerclassmen. Not a bad group, but none that said to her 'I can fight'. "2..." She said, and they shook their heads, all standing and helping eachother up. "3." She said, and spun her Bo over her head, bringing it down in a wide arc into someone's shoulder as they tried to stand. She retracted and used the back end to knock someone in the gut, winding them. She twirled it again, and brought it in a sweeping motion across someone's face, and used the momentum to continue it, before swinging it in a figure 8 and slamming it down on another person's shoulder. "4 down." She said, and smirked. She swung in one direction, slamming one in the chest, and swung in the other direction, getting another full in the face. Drawing it back, she slammed it into another person's chest and then swung the back from left to right, knocking two more people out. She kept up a steady stream of attack, knocking people out left and right. The door opened, and most of the people rushed out, realizing it was a losing battle. The remaining took up their friends, shot her angry looks, and quickly got out when she made a move as if to attack.

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