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Character Creation Tutorial

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Character Creation Tutorial Empty Character Creation Tutorial

Post by L on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:59 pm

Alright, I shall explain some of the harder parts of the character app. the parts that I have explained will be in italics and the explanation will be in blue.

General Information:

Name: Your character's full name.

Nickname/Alias: Casual Nickname.

Age: How old are you? Please make sure this matches your class

Gender: What gender are you?

Looks: Please include a picture or two VERY detailed paragraphs.

Height Your height.

Weight Your weight. If you create a cannon character make sure this matches thier wieght EX: L does not wieght 150lbs he wieghs more like 109

Personality: Explain how you act in two detailed paragraphs. If you would like to break it down into separate situations, it is acceptable. Same here. If you make a cannon character make sure thier personality matches them EX: Sasuke would not be outgoing. ALSO by "you may break it down into separate situations" means like this: Happy: "" acts outgoing.... Sad: "" is generally to himself... etc.

Personality Trait's: Think of the sims: genius, natural cook, virtuoso, evil, good, lucky, etc. You may choose up to five. If you need a place to find these look HERE

Catch Phrase: You may have a signature phrase such as "Believe it!" or word such as "DUDE!" or "un" after everything you say

Family Background: Has your family been a long line of low-life’s or a string of geniuses’?
History Your History

School Information:
Class: What is your current class: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.
Affiliation: What are your character's intentions: Good, Evil, Neutral.
GPA List only if you are starting out as a Sophomore, Junior or, Senior. If you are a freshmen this will be added after your first test. Your GPA will be updated by the Head Master after every major grade you have.
Talents What are you good at? Football? An Instrument?
Inventory What does your character keep on him/her at all times: Wallet, Notebook, Knife, etc

Special Information:

Special: Items, Abilities, Abnormalities, Characteristics
Special Item Ex: Death Note. Beyblade.
Special Ability Ex: Chakra system, Ki.
Special Abnormality Ex: Loveless Cat ears and tails (kemonomimi) that you lose when you lose your virginity. Sharingan
Special Characteristic Ex: Superior Deduction skills(able to figure out traits of people by just observing their behavior.)
Alright here, we DO NOT want you to be overpowered. Note that there were only two death note's that were actually in human possession and the only two people that had them were light and misa, and the only people that may have them are light, misa, L, Mikami, near. There will only be two of them on this site and you may not just kill people at will. ALSO remember that when it comes to naruto, only certain clans had certain moves and abilities. no mismatches. FMA- you may practice alchemy freely. Avatar- you may use your bending skills as you like. Beyblade- may use thier skills as they please etc. The only people who i'm really getting at are Death Note and Naruto Characters, because they can get overpowered very quickly.

Hobbies: What do you do in your spare time?

Problems: Do you have any problems? Addictions? Hopeless with girls/guys? Commitment issues?


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