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Kai Hiwatari Fishy

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Kai Hiwatari Fishy Empty Kai Hiwatari Fishy

Post by Kai on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:22 pm

General Information:

Name: Kai Hiwatari

Nickname/Alias: Kai

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Looks: Kai Hiwatari Fishy Beybladefilmkai

Height 5'6" as a freshmen

Weight 130

Personality: Kai is an anti-social boy who has had a very hard childhood. He was forced into beyblading by his grandpa, the source of all his misery. Kai is a realist and the best at everything he does. He seems to hate people, but who can blame him; compared to him most of them are intolerable idiots. The most important factor that makes Kai different is his self-reliance. Unlike others, Kai knows what he wants, what to speak and when, and considering his wisdom and age one can say that he is well ahead of his time. It's a blend of his vision and strategy that has helped him through his tough life. Kai stays calm through everything, and acts "Angry" to fool people and toy with them. Adults usually say he's as cool as a cucumber, and he keeps his cool through anything.
Happy-Kai is never happy, or expresses the emotion of happiness
Sad-When Kai is sad, he expresses it as frustration and anger
Angry-People who see this side of Kai usually cower before him. He unleashes a wrath of hatred upon the people in his vicinity when angered. However this is just a ploy. Kai only fakes mad to mess with peoples minds.
Bored-When bored, Kai's soft side comes out. He may be seen laying in a patch of grass chewing on a long blade of grass, or feeding abandoned cats...

Personality Trait's: Think of the sims: genius, natural cook, virtuoso, evil, good, lucky, etc. You may choose up to five.

Catch Phrase: "..."(silence), when losing "NOT FOR LONG!"

Family Background: All that is known about Kai's past is that it was a harsh one and filled with hatred.
History ""

School Information:
Class: Freshmen
Affiliation: Not neutral, but good/evil depending on the situation.
Talents Percussion, football,tennis
Inventory beyblade(Dranzer), ripcord, launcher, drum sticks, wallet, spare parts, baggies for samples, mortar and pestle.

Special Information:

Special: Items, Abilities, Abnormalities, Characteristics
Special Item Ex: Beyblade. Kai usually keeps his beyblade, Dranzer, prepared for launch. When launched, Kai may use the beyblade itself to strike opponents or call out Dranzer who will unleash flame attacks at the opponent. Main attack called Flame Saber.
Special Ability Ex: Practices Alchemy. Not the FMA alchemy, but the original Alchemy of mixing and blending herbs and plants.
Special Abnormality Ex:
Special Characteristic Ex: Keeps his cool.
Hobbies: lays in the sun.
Problems: can't remember his past. VERY antisocial and if spoken to will give very smart alecky remarks.

SongI'm not going down

1st Period:football
2nd Period:band
3rd Priod:ipc
4th Period:algebra 1
5th Period:english 1
6th Period:world geography
7th Period:French

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Kai Hiwatari Fishy Empty Re: Kai Hiwatari Fishy

Post by L on Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:30 pm


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